Brian's Taskforce

I finally launched the project I've been working on during the weekends for several months, Brian's Taskforce.

It's all about applying force to the powers-that-be in communities to improve things for regular citizens. You can read more about it on the about page.

During the ongoing effort of the past few months, I had some lulls in productivity over the holidays but finally committed to getting it launched. Now I am going to focus my efforts on getting some of my own tasks addressed such as this one about adding a stop sign at the intersection of Douglas and Utah.

The service area at launch is the Los Angeles beach cities, but I plan to expand to all of Los Angeles and then beyond as soon as it makes sense. (Of course, I don't really know when it makes sense except that if someone tells me they have some ideas for tasks in Fresno or Kansas City or Chicago or whatever, I'm expanding there.) I'll probably finally take to some of the popular social networks to represent BTF while I test the waters and see if the model actually works. Ultimately, I want to see people create tasks and most importantly, I want to see at least one task complete using this model. Once that happens, I think there will be at least some level of credibility.

Please click the link and take a look around, register an account (it's super quick) and weigh in with your opinions! I've been bothering a small group of friends and family with this for the past few months so they are probably weary of giving me their feedback. So I seek feedback from a wider audience now!
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