Chocolate czar

Let's say for the sake of argument that I was okay with the government interfering with my health (I'm not).

They restrict my consumption of mind-altering drugs. It's of no matter for me because I don't use drugs. Well, to be accurate, it does make my life a little more dangerous because now people will be killing other people to get drugs, but I'll probably be okay because I'm reasonably well off and the crime that governments create by criminalizing drugs affects poor people most (but don't ever doubt their great compassion for the poor!).

Next, let's assume the government decides to outlaw alcohol consumption. Again, since I don't drink alcohol, there's no immediate effect to me except a few more bullets to dodge.

But next up, the government will decide to outlaw something I care about. Chocolate or iced tea perhaps. That's when I become part of the criminal chocolate brown-market.

The point is that all of us have certain things we consume that are part of life's pleasures for us. I can't bring myself to argue that the government should not outlaw chocolate and on the other hand laugh and sneer at you alcoholics when they outlaw booze. So I find myself standing at your side keeping booze legal; sympathizing with druggies; and wanting to keep unhealthy foods of all sorts legal.

It saddens me that outlandish nightmare scenarios that were conjured in order to make light of and parody the paranoia of libertarians are in fact coming to pass. Think back 20 years and imagine how silly you'd think someone if they said they were concerned that the day would come when government would regulate the consumption of soda and salt.

Complaining about obesity causing a strain on government healthcare when you're the group that wanted government healthcare in the first place... please just stop.
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