Creating laws

Is it possible for to have enough laws? Is 100 laws enough to run a functional and good society? 1,000? 10,000? 10,000,000 laws? Or is there always room for more?

A popular measure of a Congress' success is the number of new laws created. A view that judges creation of laws as success is nearly antithetical to my own. Can we at least remove the word success and just call it what it is: the number of laws created?

A Congress that did absolutely nothing—and I mean nothing, you could leave the capitol building open for tourism all day long—would be the most effective Congress in my lifetime.

I think the founders did a great job forming our nation's government. I just wish they had made it more clear to those of us living 225 years later:

No, really, we do want the legislature to be deliberate.

Michelle once joked: maybe there should have been a 10-pages per year annual limit on the additions to the federal legal code. (It's a joke; I know they'd just find a loophole.)
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