DST eats other kids' lunches

I just finished setting the clocks in my house back to real time. We're lucky to live in an era when most clocks handle this automatically. But I still have to adjust my watch, oven, microwave, bedside alarm clock, analog clocks...

If you are a proponent of Daylight Saving Time, can I at least convince you to abolish it by way of just migrating permanently to an eastward time zone? I don't really mind the daylight cycle of Daylight Saving Time; what I do mind is having two different fictions of what "time" it is. I'd prefer a single fiction (that is, a time zone).

Let's do away with the twice-annual insanity of self-adjusting and manually-adjusted timekeeping devices. Do away with the lost productivity. Do away with the minor errors and inconveniences suffered every Fall and Spring.

Just pick a time zone and stick with it. If you want California to be in the Mountain Time Zone, let's do that. I don't really care which you choose, just make your decision!

Yesterday, the Mars rover taunted us:

Remember to set your clocks back tomorrow in a vain effort to time travel or whatever you people do this crap for.@SarcasticRover
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