That is the sound that air tubes make when you put a canister into them. Remember those things? Banks used to use them before they had ATMs. You'd drive through in a tunnel with a closed-circuit TV screen showing a teller. There was a slot where you could put checks and other deposits into a canister and blast it off to adventure. And similarly, if you were making a withdrawal, there was a subtle ssssshhhh noise as the canister approached and then a plink. You'd open the tube, grab the canister, and find cash money inside. I absolutely loved this stuff as a child.

It's really the suction sound of FHOOMP that makes me so reminiscent. Dustin and I would probably use an air tube system in place of instant messaging if it were available to us.

FHOOMP! How's that sandwich?

FHOOMP! Needs more bacon.
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