Forty-eight hundred

I've got three monitors up and running with my new Quadro4 NVS 400. Many of you have not been able to witness the insanity first hand. Let me be clear: it rocks. There are many plus-sides and scarcely a down-side.

The good stuff:

  • Dialogs no longer appear between two monitors. That was a real pain.
  • 4800 x 1200. Yes, that's 4800 pixels of width. Deal with that. Oh, are you having a little trouble dealing with it? Well, deal anyway.
  • E-mail on one monitor. Web browser on another. Calendar and other stuff on yet another.
  • That's what... one... two... three monitors. Oh, it makes sense now.
  • For whatever reason, this card integrated better with Windows 2000's internal multiple monitor support. Hence, Windows is now spanning the task bar only across the "primary" (middle) monitor.
  • How do you people deal with only one monitor?

The not so good stuff:

  • How will I deal with no desk space? Well, it's a little cramped, but there's still enough room for a phone and a pad of paper.
  • The colors on the Sony E400 look... uh... green, compared to the surrounding ViewSonics.
  • The NVS400 is only available as a PCI card. There is a notable decrease in 2D performance versus the AGP card I was using. I didn't expect this.

Also, I ordered an nForce board and a XP2100 ($170 for the pair) for my server at home. It was time to acknowledge the Alpha processor as a thing of the past. Sad.
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