Kung Pao El Segundo

My third major bounty for 2013 is not as focused on my personal safety as the previous two.

I previously committed to donating $1,000 to Childrens' Hospital Los Angeles if El Segundo addresses the pedestrian crosswalk risk at the intersection of Douglas and Utah by adding an all-way stop or stop light. Then I committed to donating $1,000 to Tree Musketeers if El Segundo or Northrop Grumman build a proper sidewalk in front of the Northrop parking lot on the east side of Douglas.

Next up is something of an entirely different flavor, if you'll pardon the horrible pun. I want P.F. Chang's Pei Wei Asian Diner to open an El Segundo location.

Pei Wei offers the kung pao chicken that is Michelle favorite and mine as well. When in El Segundo, we can't walk from the office to P.F. Changs for lunch.

Pei Wei offers awesome food, but they just don't do so anywhere near El Segundo. The nearest location is at the southern edge of Torrance.

To date, I've already donated $150 to charities and have another $35 pending in my efforts to convince Pei Wei to come to El Segundo.

I am now increasing the stakes. I will donate $1,000 to the El Segundo Education Foundation ("Ed!") if Pei Wei opens a location in El Segundo. I don't really much care where precisely in El Segundo, although I have one location in mind:

Just about anywhere on Sepulveda would be a big win, making Pei Wei a major fixture of the El Segundo lunch scene. It would almost certainly see routine lines out the door.

So how about it Pei Wei?
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