Maple in the dry

I still can't find anything official to corroborate what I am observing on Maple Avenue, but I think there remains no doubt: El Segundo is finally attending to the street's persistent flooding problem.

These look like the kind of thing you need to remove water from sewers:

This is fantastic news, assuming I am correct. It means one of the oldest tasks at the El Segundo Taskforce will be closing. $145 in pending bounties will be released to the target charities.

I don't think the El Segundo powers that be were aware of this task, at least aside from my pestering. But some good things eventually happen on their own. One way or another, I'm happy. This is a long-needed resolution to a problem that has caused me personal grief in the form of a thorough soaking when a joy-rider drove through the puddle/lake to laugh at my expense.

I will not miss this:

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