Netflix streaming

A journalist at CNet is very proud of himself for predicting that Netflix's streaming library would eventually cause the company a problem.

He may also be proud of himself for learning to speak and for waking up in the morning. He reports:

People who watch a lot of movies via Netflix's streaming service are starting to find holes in the selection.CNet dude

Starting? This is new?

As a fresh Netflix customer, you look at the list of streaming options and say, "Wow, I can't decide between Sphere, Mega Python & Gatoroid, Robocop 3, or Eyeborgs. I want to see them all!"

But only now do we realize that this selection is starting to show some room for improvement. You're now realizing that choosing between Philadelphia Experiment 2, Shark Hunter, and Wrath of the Titans may be a fool's choice.

On day one of your Netflix subscription, you sit down to watch an old comedy and you pick The Naked Gun. A couple weeks later, you want another comedy and you're contemplating watching She-Devil? It doesn't take very long to start to find the holes in the selection.

But we can't just laugh at the journalist. He quotes a Netflix employee:

We have realized that there is still a very large continuing demand for DVDs...Netflix Employee

Do you think that demand exists because the streaming library is chock full of dung? Perhaps. I wonder how many Bio-Dome and Going Ape DVDs are checked out. I'm not saying those are bad movies, but those are bad movies and the only reason anyone in 2011 considers watching them (and I do hope they quickly snap out of it) is because in the Netflix streaming library, the other option is The Billion Dollar Hobo.

Our Netflix subscription is streaming only. To put it simply, it's hit and miss. You want to watch Law & Order Los Angeles? Sorry, we don't have that, but how about C. Thomas Howell in Dilemma? That's about the same, right?

We have a DVD-by-mail subscription from Blockbuster, but one appeal of that service—being able to trade discs at the stores—is now a moot point thanks to there being no stores.

I chuckle at the outrage of Netflix customers who just two years ago were all too happy to watch Netflix obliterate Blockbuster well after Blockbuster had long been reduced to a pathetic shell of its past self and posed no threat to anyone's fragile sensibilities. (There was so much pent up rage at Blockbuster.) My gosh, Netflix's $16 per month is a rip off for one DVD at a time and streaming? It's a shame there really aren't any other options left, huh?
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