Reign of Fire

We saw Reign of Fire on Friday. One of the reviews on Rotton Tomatoes was: "This is the best movie about dragons." Spot on.

Alan would say that The Cat From Outer Space is the best movie about a cat—from outer space. Reign of Fire was similarly the best in its particular category.

As a B-Movie, Reign of Fire was a solid performance. It reminded me of a Vin Diesel movie without Mr. Diesel. It reminded me of Pitch Black. Take away the darkness, alien beings, alien planet, and Riddick-vision, and in their place add twilight, dragons, Earth, and dragon-vision.

Go with the right frame of mind, you will probably enjoy it. It's better than Dragonheart.

it very well may be the best movie about dragons, at least in recent history. Over the weekend, we saw Amelie and Joyride. Amelie was good, but suffered from elevated expectations. It was the best movie about a loner girl living in Europe who works at a cafe and has a neighbor who copies Renoirs. Among its peers, it is clearly tops.

Joyride was a moderately entertaining B-movie. The best movie starring Leelee Sobeliski about three kids in a old, beat-up car being stalked by a murderous trucker.
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