Welcome to the redesign of my blog, Tiamat.

It's primarily my rants about technology, to a lesser extent politics, and then some scattered other nonsense such as pop-culture.

No, you and the world don't need more technology and political punditry, certainly not from the likes of me. And what I have to say doesn't even qualify as punditry. It's ranting. But I enjoy ranting, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon.

Have you ever observed a car crash or other noteworthy event and later compared your memory with how it was covered by the media? Did you get the feeling the reporters missed just about everything of consequence? Maybe they mischaracterized the cause or got the time wrong. Maybe they just didn't ask the questions you feel were important.

When I read technology journalism, in particular, I often feel that the journalists' priorities and my own differ greatly.

Either my opinions are simply crazy or, ... Well. Actually, that's probably the only plausible rationale. Crazy opinions.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to share these crazy opinions on the off chance there is some value in doing so.

It's easy to be a critic, and that's especially true in technology. So don't be surprised by the number of criticisms I throw out. I have no qualms with taking the easy path of being critical. On the other hand, I've spent a lot of time—probably more than I should—thinking about my opinions and feel it's worth capturing them in written form. Even if only for my own misguided amusement.

That said, my opinions evolve over time. I hold current opinions with conviction, but contexts and priorities change.

I am often dispirited by the hostile tone of technology opinion-making, so I plead that you take anything you read here in good humor. When I rant with apparent rage, realize that it's equal parts indulgence in the joy of ranting and genuine fury.

Right. It's time to rant.

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